March Seed Swap at Java Street Garden

March Seed Swap at Java Street Garden

The seed swap was so fun!  Attendees included some of our own gardeners as well as one Williamsburg gardener who found our event through a Facebook posting.

We were also delighted that two neighborhood kids stopped by to ask tons of questions about seeds. We shared some seeds and are excited to check back in to see how they grow.

Our seed library has started to get old. So we also threw out a bunch of old seeds, and we added a handy flyer to help gauge seed shelf life.  The seeds are now loosely alphabetized by name (not type):  eg Basil, Melon, Pea, Tomato, Watermelon.

A friend of mine who’s been gardening here for 65 years told me I could plant peas on St Patrick’s Day.  So… Happy St Patrick’s Day and Happy Gardening

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