Member FAQ

Q: How can I become a member? 
A: Contact us at We’ll send you all the details.

Q: Do I get my own raised bed if I sign up?
A: It depends on availability, but if there is one available, then yes, you are welcome to one. Priority is given to past members, and there is an active wait list, but it’s New York, so people move away, or decide they are too busy to maintain one, or leave the garden completely, so it’s entirely possible that you’ll be assigned a bed your first year of membership.

Q: If a bed is not available, can I still become a member? 
A: Of course, and in addition to the personal beds, there are “community beds” where members can plant veggies, herbs, and flowers to be shared by all. All members are welcome to harvest herbs and other plants that are growing in the shared community beds.

Q: What can I plant in my bed?
A: You’re welcome to plant whatever you like, as long as it is legal, and not an invasive species that will interfere with other members’ plots. Just be responsible about maintaining it and vigilant if your plants start invading other members’ plants.

Q: What are the responsibilities of membership?
A: We have monthly meetings (first Tuesdays at 7:30pm), and community work days (third Saturdays 10am-2pm), as well as monitoring hours that you’ll be required to participate in in order to maintain active membership. To remain a member in good standing, you’ll need to attend at least 2 meetings and 4 work days in a calendar year (January-November), and spend 3 hours a month as a garden “monitor”. This means keeping the garden open to the public, welcoming folks who wander in, and answering questions about the garden.

Q: What are “work days” and do I have to be there all day?
A: Work days are the once-a-month days when necessary tasks and general garden maintenance get done. Currently we meet on the third Saturday of the month at 10am. The hours are 10-2 but you’re not required to be there the whole time and of course you can stay later if you like. It’s also a great time to get to know other members and learn the ins and outs of maintaining a community garden. Some chores include weeding the community beds, watering or adding compost tea to the beds, building raised beds, pruning trees, picking up supplies. There’s an ongoing to-do list and other members will be there to help guide you and assign tasks if you’re not sure what to do

Q: What if I don’t fulfill membership requirements?
A: We ask that members make a good faith effort to fulfill all requirements, but if it’s not possible for you to show up for your monitoring hours or meetings, or attend work days, then your membership will be revoked, as the garden only functions because volunteers show up to maintain it. We’re reasonable folks here, and understand that things come up in life, but if your schedule can’t realistically accommodate the extra responsibility, be honest about that. It’s only fair to the folks who do show up regularly and do the work.

Q: What if I’ve signed up for monitoring hours but something comes up and I can’t make it?
A: You can post to the community list and find someone to cover your spot. You’re responsible for the hours you’ve signed up for. We have a sizable member base so it’s not usually too tricky to find backup.

Q: What are the hours of the garden?
A: During the active season (April-November), we’re open to the public 10am-3pm on weekends, and 10 additional hours each week,
weather permitting. If the temperature drops below 55 degrees F, or if the weather is terrible, you’re not required to keep the garden open. During thunder or lightning storms, you are required to close the garden for safety reasons. As a member, you have access to the garden any time you like.

Q: Can I come to the garden during hours it’s not officially open?
A: Yes! You’re welcome to use the garden to work on your plot, or for personal activities anytime you like, just make sure you replace all tools, clean up after yourself, don’t disturb other members’ plots, and lock up when you leave.

Q: Can I invite non-members in to share the garden?
A: Yes of course, it is a community garden so it is open to the community! However if you’re inviting a bunch of people or scheduling a party or another event, it’s a good idea to let other garden members know, both out of courtesy, and to make sure it’s available. If you’re inviting friends to the garden during off hours, or late at night, please be respectful of neighbors and keep the volume down, and make sure to leave it in the state you found it.  If you use the grill, make sure all flames are extinguished. Make sure non-members understand that the personal plots are not to be disturbed. You are responsible for the people you invite into the garden.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Technically no, but if good boys and good girls are kept on leashes and don’t disturb any of the plants, and you clean up after them, chances are nobody’s going to be too upset, but make sure to ask permission of anyone else who is present, people have allergies and not everyone is comfortable with dogs.

Q: Are kids allowed? 
A: If they are kept on leashes and don’t disturb anyone…just kidding! 🙂 Of course, kids are allowed, but they must be accompanied by attentive parents.

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